"Jumping From One Learning Activity to the Next

Our Jumpers classroom has a more complex structure than the Climbers. All children need to be potty-trained to move to this classroom. The Jumpers curriculum consist of Circle Time, Language Arts, Science & Math, Manipulatives, Creative Expressions,  Music & Movement, and Gross Motor. Just like the Climbers, the Jumpers start their day off with circle time, to establish a warm social environment, and then move on to activities based on the theme of the week. Throughout the day they will work on Language Arts, in this section the children work on a letter of the week and do multiple activities based on that letter. Next, the children move on to Science & Math, where they learn the weekly number and shape. There are many ways they will work with them such as counting items in their surroundings, or recognizing shapes in everyday objects. Working with Manipulatives is essential for the children to truly develop their fine motor skills. This is when they will build with inter-locking bricks, puzzles or play and create with play dough. Artistic Expression gives them a chance to complete activities like making puppets, coloring or painting. The children continue to express themselves through Music & Movement. The teachers will guide them in a song that has coordinating dance moves. Gross Motor activities such as Red Light, Green Light and Simon Says are paired with outside time. These gross motor activities help refine broader motor skills.

Tinker Town

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"Climbing" the Ladder of Educational Fun

In our Climbers classroom, the children are able to feed themselves and are getting ready to potty-train.  We follow a Daily Schedule and our curriculum has six basic sections: Circle Time, Arts & Crafts, Manipulatives, Music & Movement, Language Arts, and Gross Motor. The children start off their day with Circle time, singing their ABC's, talking about the weather and saying hello to all of our friends. This section of the curriculum serves to start the day off in a warm social environment. All of the sections are centered around the theme of the week, for example, The Circus. So during arts & crafts, the children will participate in activities such as creating their own circus clown stick puppet or painting a dancing elephant. The class also engages in manipulatives, such as puzzles or play dough. These activities help develop cognitive function and their fine motor skills needed in their hands. During the day, the teacher will lead the class in a songs for music & movement. ​The children also work on language arts, ​completing activities such as show and tell or learning a new letter. The final activity is gross motor, which involves things like stomping like an elephant coupled with outside time. These activities the children work with their limbs as a whole through activities like bear walking.