Children who come after school will have an area to complete their homework, if needed.

Pre-K: Exploring Their Imaginations

In our Explorers classroom, these are the children who will be going into Kindergarten the next school year.  We think it is imperative that your child is ready to go into kindergarten not just educationally but socially and emotionally. So, although the curriculum has the same basic structure as the other classrooms, there is an emphasis on making sure the children are prepared for kindergarten. The children begin their day with Circle Time, ​where the practice reciting their Pledge of Allegiance as well discuss the weather and the calendar. Creative Expressions, where they are express themselves through simple crafts, painting, and drawing. Throughout the day they encounter our Manipulatives Center, where they can focus on refining their fine motor skills through building, puzzles and magnet play. Math & Science​, they complete activities that involve tracing, matching, sorting or identifying their numbers and shapes. The children are also able to express themselves through ​Music & Social Skills. In this section, the children do things such as show & tell, sing songs and talk about their feelings. Language Arts activities include practicing writing their letters, hearing stories, or identifying sight words through the classroom. They will have their own workbook through the school year to prepare for Kindergarten.  The children also engage in Gross Motor through the day with activities such as Freeze Dance, Simon Says and time outside on our playground.​​  At the end of the school year, they will have a graduation ceremony and be ready to move to the Eagles Room.

After School: Soaring Through Elementary

In our Eagles classroom, after a day of educational fun, the children finish will have time to complete homework and unwind from the day.  We have board games, arcade games, air hockey & foosball (most locations)  as well as special activities planned for the school breaks and special days off. During the school breaks, the kids are able to go on multiple field trips to places like Crystal Palace Skating Rink, Santa Fe Bowling Alley, Natural History Museum, Springs Preserve and many other locations. For these special trips all children are required to wear a school shirt. They also get to spend time out on the playground or in the GaGa Pit (most locations).​ 

Tinker Town

Learn & Play Center